Ways in which winter weather can really break the bank

1476387_10201043861083691_131085206_nNorth American winter weather is here before the official winter season that begins on December 21,2013. Apart from our bodies feeling the cold, most of our bank accounts usually take a hit during winter as we try to keep our comfort level as human beings. A lot can go wrong in our lives too because of cold weather and specifically snow. Just ask the Detroit Lions. They suffered a bad loss against the Philadelphia Eagles in a game dubbed the snow bowl. I must also say sorry to the Minnesota Vikings for losing at the last moment.( Hello DC of YAM)  For the 8 years I have lived  in the Philadelphia area, I have not seen so much snow come so early in December. So, here are some of the ways winter weather breaks our banks;

  • Heating – We all have to stay warm and I guess this is the major expense associated with winter for many families. In our apartment, we use gas for heating. We only get a gas bill from December to April. So that means we now have an extra bill to pay but it’s worth it. Our range is usually $15 – $130 . I lived at a place that used oil for heating and it was a complete disaster. Anyone that uses oil, tell us your experience.
  • Gas – Most of us warm our cars before driving off and although cars do not waste a lot of gas when idling, it still adds up by the end of the season.There is also more traffic on the roads when the weather is bad which makes driving less economical. Any Prius or Volt owners here?
  • Clothing – We have to buy clothes once in a while to keep ourselves warm when going outside. Although buying winter clothing is not a regular thing, it is very expensive especially to parents who have kids out growing their clothes.
  • Business closures – Sometimes we all like to have that extra day to spend at home. However, when you have to miss work or close your business for the a day, there is a potential loss of income.

Here are some potential things that can happen as a result of a bad winter weather and in turn affecting our finances ;

  • Road Accidents – This is very common when the roads get covered with ice. Yesterday there were several pile-ups on Pennsylvania highways and even a person lost their life. Car bodywork repairs are not cheap and even if your insurance covers it, your premiums might go up. If a person loses their life, a lot of things can go wrong for a family including loss of income.
  • Body injuries – Again, ice does not spare human beings either. A lot of people fall and break limbs during icy weather. We all know healthcare is not the cheapest thing in America. Such injuries can also mean staying home while you should be working which is more income lost.
  • Home damage: There is always a potential risk of a tree falling on a house if it is surrounded by many trees. This can be a big expense because insurance might not cover everything damaged.
  • Home improvements: People are always trying to save money during winter and so they spend money sealing off their homes and buying items like a smart thermostat. Although you do not require to do this every year, it still costs money to do it once.
  • Flights Cancellation – Most people whose work or business involves traveling around the country and abroad face this most of the time when there is bad weather. Time wasted equals to money wasted in most cases.

This is just a short list and there is many more ways that winter breaks or can break your bank. In addition, winter weather is not full of negative things. There are people who make a killing when it snows. From those individuals who clean our roads to resorts in the mountains and also businesses that deal with winter stuff. Winter is when their businesses boom.

What are some of the ways winter or bad winter weather breaks your bank?

14 Responses to Ways in which winter weather can really break the bank

  1. Winter weather doesn’t have too much impact on us in Atlanta. Probably the biggest expense we have is in purchasing clothing and home heating costs for the colder weather…well, colder to us anyway.
    Brian @ Luke1428 recently posted…My 8 Step Method for Writing a Blog PostMy Profile

  2. I hate winter weather (which is ironic since I’m from Maine originally). My step-dad works for the department of transportation so when it snows he’s on call and calling in his workers go plow the snow. It’s good money (overtime) but something he’s starting to get tired of as he gets older.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted…Are Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Shares a Good Deal?My Profile

    • demaish says:

      At some point such a job will get tiring especially since they have to work at odd hours and dangerous conditions. Thanks to him and his crew for keeping our roads clean when it snows.

  3. This post hits close to home. My friend’s sister passed away a couple days ago in a car accident. I don’t know the details, but I can only imagine that the recent bad Winter weather came into play.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…I Was A Triple-Major in College and Where it Got MeMy Profile

  4. Before we had kids, I was so cheap about turning the heat on. But now that we have kids, I have to keep the temperature at a reasonable level. It’s expensive. I prefer my utility bills in the spring and fall.
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted…House Shopping: We Found “The One”My Profile

    • demaish says:

      Two adults can be able to keep the heat a bit lower and snuggle up but once kids come to play the game changes. They have to be protected from everything including cold.

  5. One of my biggest expenses as a result of winter weather is the ski lift. Yup, that’s right, love to ski, but my gosh it’s expensive…around $500 a year per person! I’m thinking about taking up cross country skiing though. That way, I won’t have to pay for the lift!
    J Rodriguez from CNAFinance recently posted…Why An Extreme Frugal Mindset Could Be Stopping You From Becoming RichMy Profile

  6. I heard that this winter will be especially brutal which sucks. It’s actually pretty cold for this time of year right now. Luckily I don’t need to spend more for heating as we rent an apartment. I definitely don’t like driving in the snow/ice…too many bad drivers out there.
    Andrew@LivingRichCheaply recently posted…Do You Judge Someone’s Financial Worth By The Cover?My Profile

  7. While I enjoyed learning from this post, I could not really relate to it because I happen to live in a place that does not experience this. I don’t know if that is supposed to be good but we do have our share of weather woes too.
    Jen @ Frugal Rules recently posted…Shout Out Saturday #46My Profile

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